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InEcA has developed maximum permissible emission project for machinery and repair plant “Osinnikovskiy RMS”, JSC.

The maximum permissible emission project was developed for two surface wastewater outfalls including slush, sewage waters, flowing and washing waters.

The project included the following types of work: analysis of the wastewater quality and statistical data processing; selection of design parameters; calculating and determination of permissible emission; report writing, maps and project appendix preparation, Also InEcA’s specialists corrected the data of planned water management actions and actions of water body protection with additional works for bringing the maximum permissible emission into compliance with characteristic of wastewater discharge system and wastewater category.

Developed standards of maximum permissible emission were approved by the Kemerovo region water resources department of Verkhne-Obskoy basin water department with approval of RosGidromet department in the Siberian Federal district, Kemerovo region territorial department of Rospotrebnadzor in the city of Kaltan and in the city of Ossinniki, Verkhne-Obskoy territorial department of Federal Fishery Agency and Directorate of the Rosprirodnadzor for the Kemerovo region. InEcA’s specialists made support and protection of the Project during concurrence and approval with the public authorities. Simultaneously the program of wastewater quality measurement was approved by Kemerovo region water resource department.

The standards of permissible emission are developed in accordance with the requirements of applicable Russian legislation with a goal to prevent the negative impact on water objects. Confirmed standards are statutory authority for getting the permits for pollutant emission.

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