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The first Russian Forum of living cities has taken place in the city of Izhevsk on May 21-23, 2014. The team of Social Lab “City for life” has presented the project.

During three days session more than 200 participants took part in the first Russian forum of living cities – representatives of 35 Russian cities and towns, experts in the field of urban planning from Canada, Germany, Holland, city development specialists, representatives of local authorities, business have tried to find the solutions that would help to make their cities become more attractive for life, comfortable for entrepreneurship, modern and prosperous.

Novokuznetsk as the one of living cities has been presented by the team of three citizens:

Kseniya Stepanenko – manager of grant projects, public participation specialist of InEcA company, civil activist;

Varvara Mikheeva – the executive director of Kuzbass Association of waste recyclers, civil activist, environmental specialist;

Roman No – architect of No Nam Sep Workshop, social urban designer.

The project of Novokuznetsk team – the city laboratory of social initiatives Social Lab “City for life” has been presented as a retailed social practice of local community on the Nobel Award within the bound of the Forum of living cities. The project has got a high regard and the diploma of Nobel recipient. Moreover the practice will be included in the list of perspective projects for dissemination, which will be sent to 1108 local authorities of Russian cities.

Forum experts:

•Marilyn Hamilton (Canada) – the founder of Integral City Institute;

•Enric Massip Bosch – the councillor of Vice-mayor of Barcelona in the issues of urban planning, architect and founder of bureau EMBA;

•Cees Donkers (Holland) – the founder of the Eindhoven Center of urban development;

•Thomas Stellmach (Germany) – partner of Uberbau (Berlin);

•Irina Irbitskaya – the head of the Center of urban competences of Russian Academy of National economy and government services upon the President of Russian Federation;

•Sergey Gradirovskiy – the member of expert council upon the Government of Russian Federation;

•Erken Kagarov – the art-director of “Artemiy Lebedev Studio”;

•Vladislav Shulaev – the co-chairman of the Territory branding and promotion committee of the Russian Association of public relations (RAPR)

Web-site of the Forum of living cities:

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