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The second laboratory of social initiatives “The City for Life” was carried out in Novokuznetsk in November 26-27, 2014..

The laboratory of social initiatives “The City for Life” is a public initiative which was held for the first time in Novokuznetsk last year and united several non-commercial and commercial organizations interested in urban development.

The laboratory was organized by: InEcA company, Novokuznetsk city council, the Committee of environment protection and natural resources, the RUSAL Center of social programs, SCC Group, the Kuzbass association of the waste recyclers, co-working center “Success territory”, Novokuznetsk institute-branch of the State Kemerovo university, the Center of projects management of NBI KemSU.

This year the laboratory grew up in scale and quality: 6 working platforms, leading experts in spheres of public participation, waste management, Urban Studies, territory branding and marketing from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Uryupinsk, Ulyanovsk and others cities, more than 250 participants for 2 working days.

The laboratory united businessmen, representatives of local authority, regional authority, civic activists and active public organizations, all which were concerned about future of the City and a question was appeared “What the role do they play in this future?”

The work on the Forum was organized on the following topics:

-Environmental rehabilitation of the disturbed lands;

-Social urban planning;

-Public participation;

-Waste management;



Every platform under the leadership of experts answered the key questions:

-What troubles do we have?

-What ways to overcome the problems are existed?

-What can we do to solve the problems?

Please, click the link to see the results of working groups and requirements for stakeholders.

All participants whatever discussing topic came to common vision that the quality of changes depends on skills of involving into the cooperation work, uniting strength and resources of all interested parties and also necessity of creation of civil center of social innovations (a platform for communication and common projects of civil initiating groups, organizations oriented on new goods and services production, essential on current step community development).

For additional information, please, contact Kseniya Stepanenko, manager of InEcA’s social programs, tel. (3843)72-05-75, e-mail: .

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