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Novokuznetsk Municipal District Council invites the interested parties to take part in the first round of discussions within the bound of strategic environmental assessment implementation of the Integrated program of Novokuznetsk Municipal District social and economical development. Terms of public discussions: October 07-20, 2016.

Strategic environmental assessment

Strategic environmental assessment is implemented within the bound of the project of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, United Nations Development Program and Global Environmental Facility «The objectives of biodiversity conservation in politics and development programs of Russian energy sector» (, also according to the decree of Novokuznetsk Municipal District Council #986 dated May 05, 2016 «On establishment of the Working Group ( «Project Office») on the strategic environmental assessment procedures implementation on the territory of the Novokuznetsk Municipal District».

The executer of the SEA: InEcA-consulting, LLC (Novokuznetsk)

Terms of works implementation: March, 2016 – April, 2017.

As a result of the SEA there will be the Environmental report, included the recommendations how to take into account the environmental aspects within the bound of municipal strategic planning, recommendations for the Integrated program of Novokuznetsk Municipal District social and economical development». Also the SEA results are planned to use during the development of new documents of Novokuznetsk Municipal District strategic planning with the goal to consider the significant environmental aspects, natural resources potential of the territory, results of economical value assessment of eco-system services and biodiversity.

The steps of the SEA implementation will be covered on the web-sites of Novokuznetsk Municipal District Council ( and InEcA-consulting, LLC (

Discussion with the interested parties (first round)

Invite all interested parties from October 07 till October 20, 2016 to get acquainted with the proponed materials, and give a feedback and recommendations on executed assessments, significant environmental issues of Novokuznetsk municipal district and specifications of territory, which should be taken into account during the SEA implementation.

List of documents for discussion with interested parties:

1.Preliminary environmental assessment of Novokuznetsk Municipal District territory (download).

2.Preliminary analysis of the Integrated program of Novokuznetsk Municipal District social and economical development (download).

3.The terms of reference draft on the SEA implementation (download).

The materials are presented in 17 villages. Received comments and recommendations will be considered during the follow-on revision of Environmental assessment and the Terms of reference on the SEA implementation.

The contact information

Additional information, consultations can be provided the SEA executer – InEcA-consulting, LLC (Novokuznetsk, 4 Lazo str., tel./fax (3843) 72-05-75, 72-05-80).

Contact person: Nadezhda Maltseva and Olesya Chilikova. Consultation hours: Mon – Fr 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. For written comments: 654079, Novokuznetsk, post office box 2386, e-mail:

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