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InEcA-consulting, LLC has finished the works upon the second stage of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the Kemerovo region mining development program in accordance with the biodiversity conservation tasks.

This work is implementing within the framework of the Project of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, United Nations Development Program and Global Environmental Facility «The objectives of biodiversity conservation in politics and development programs of Russian energy sector»: (

1. The inhabitants polling was done. 583 inhabitants from 19 villages and settlements were asked upon questions of public health condition, usage of biodiversity resources and ecosystem services.

2. The meetings with representatives of local authority of Novokuznetsk municipal district were held to discuss crucial environmental problems, biodiversity resources and ecosystem services of Novokuznetsk district.

3. The round tables with interested parties took place in Novokuznetsk district village councils to discuss documents, available on the open access.

4. The preliminary assessments were implemented, as the terms of reference project was worked out and the first round of public hearings (on results of preliminary assessments and terms of reference draft)

5. The results of the project second stage were presented on the All-Russian conference upon the strategic environmental assessment taken place in Moscow on October 25, 2016

Updated terms of reference draft. Second version

Contractors made corrections in discussed draft of terms of reference: goals and tasks of the SEA, strategic environmental goals were improved; the section about Environmental report contents was added; the list of interested parties was widen and spheres of interests were indicated.

Updated terms of reference on the SEA (Second version) is available here (download RUS)

All interested parties are invited to watch the videotape “UNECE Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment”


This is short and visually pleasing introduction to the SEA procedure.

Videotape was prepared by the UNECE front office with the financial support of EU program “Greening economies in the European Union’s Eastern Partnership countries” (EaP GREEN) with a goal to support the national systems of SEA and its use by the stakeholders.

To get more information about the project and its implementation follow the links:

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