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InEcA, LLC has started the works upon waste generation standards and waste disposal limits project for JSC «RUSAL Novokuznetsk».

The main type of activity of JSC «RUSAL Novokuznetsk» is the production of primary aluminum with subsequent production of marketable metal: aluminum ingots and silumin, ingots for wire, tyre production, cylindrical ingots.

78 waste’s types of I-V hazard classes are forming in the process of the main activity of JSC «RUSAL Novokuznetsk». JSC «RUSAL Novokuznetsk» operates the facilities of long term waste storage - industrial waste landfill, sludge tank and sediment ponds. The facilities are included in the state register of waste storage facilities. The activity of JSC «RUSAL Novokuznetsk» on waste management is implemented with the reference to the license, obtained in the October, 2016 by the enterprise.

Works upon the waste generation standards and waste disposal limits project includes:

  • сalculation and justification of the standards for the formation of 78 types of waste;
  • preparation of paragraphs and formation of waste generation standards and waste disposal project in accordance with the Decree #349 of Russian Federation Natural resources Ministry dated August 5, 2014;
  • supporting the project during the procedure of its approval and submission by authorized federal bodies.
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