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Participation in the international conference HUZSPO, Croatia

The Third international Conference of Environmental Impact Assessment, HUZSPO was organized on September 13-16, 2017 in Vodice, Croatia ( The Conference devoted to methodology and experience of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and environmental impact assessment (EIA). Total amount of the Conference’s participants is about 220 representatives from 22 countries.

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) has been carrying out for more than 10 years in Balkans. Today a considerable amount of experience has been gained in SEA implementation, long-term educational programs for authorities’ representatives of different levels and developers were conducted and are being conducted still now.

The Conference HUZSPO (the Third Regional Conference of Environmental Impact Assessment) is organized for the third times from 2013 and every year a lot of representatives of authorities, interenational organizations, European Commission, environmental and strategic assessment specialists are invited for participation. The Conference is held under the patronage of the President of Croatia, the Mininstry of Environmental Protection and Energy (Croatia), Environmental Protection Agency (Croatia) and the Croatian Chamber of Economy etc. Russia and Ukraine are the first time participants of the Conference. These countries do not have legal and regular framework for SEA implementation, but nevertheless pilot projects are being developed.

The Project of United Nations Development Program, Global Environmental Facility and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation «Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russia’s energy sector policies and operations» and InEcA-consulting, LLC presented the results about the pilot project of SEA implementation in Novokuznetsk municipal district.

Wide scale of implemented work (the area of Novokuznetsk municipal district is quite the same with a Montenegro’s area), determined assessment’s mechanisms is raised a real interest of the Conference’s audience. The most interested issues were ecosystem services and biodiversity assessments.

Also the report about system of the environmental assessment in Russia: legal aspects and perspectives was presented by WWF in Russia.

Presentation of Novokuznetsk team experience on SEA implementation, demonstrated on the Conference HUZSPO, is available here.

Remind you that now the SEA implementation is on the last stage of the project - public discussion of the final reports.

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