Qualification & Skills

InEcA has the permanent efficient team comprising of 20 person. All our specialists have higher special education. In areas such as engineering ecology, geo-ecology, environmental protection, municipal administration. Also InEcA specialists were trained on the basis of the Russian and international programs:

  • 2002 - three of the InEcA experts have become certified consultants of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the investment project environmental assessment;
  • 2003-2007 – training of public participation procedures methodology and strategic environmental assessment in the UK;
  • 2004-2007 - eight of the InEcA experts were trained and certified for Environmental management system in according with ISO 14001 by DNV;
  • 2007 – eleven of the InEcA experts were trained and certified for Safety management system in according with OHSAS 18001 by DNV;
  • 2008 – nine of the InEcA experts were trained in according program «Introduction to ISO 14001», «EMS Implementation», «EMS Internal Auditor» and got the BSI certificates.
  • 2010 –InEcA’s specialists were trained on “Environmental protection” within the bounds of “Open world” program in the USA, took the professional courses on the matters of waste management and obtained the certificates of skill development (the courses were organized by Russian Central House of Knowledge), the seminar on the theme of “Delimitation of sanitary protective zones of enterprises” in Saint-Petersburg (the seminar was organized by NSEE IAT “Integral”), took part in the expert seminar on the subject of Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability of IFC.
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